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The night of Michelin stars

La notte delle stelle Michelin
6th November 2019 – 33 new Michelin stars were awarded at the presentation of 2020 Michelin Guide Italy (65th edition).

“Cuisine is a form of art and Italy has so many artists and ambassadors that it is a source of inspiration for the whole world”.

These are the promising words describing the highly anticipated 2020 Michelin star awarding ceremony for Italian restaurants. They were pronounced by Gwendall Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides and this year the event was hosted at nineteenth-century Teatro Municipale in Piacenza, a small architectural gem the magnificent traits of which were even mentioned by Stendhal and Hemingway.

And expectations created by Poullennec’s speech have certainly been met... Indeed, the event soon proved to give a number of awards and great satisfactions for Italian haute cuisine, which was recognized three great qualities: variety of dishes, stemming from the harmonious combination of creative interpretations and regional traditions, richness of raw materials and excellence of chefs. In short, Italy definitely shines on the international gastronomic arena and it now has eleven three-starred restaurants after the third star was awarded to Milan Mudec Restaurant, which brought back the three stars to the main city of Lombardy after twenty-five years, thanks to chef Enrico Bartolini’s creations.

33 new stars

A special tribute was paid to the 33 restaurants that appear in the top roster this year for the first time. It is to these restaurants, the new stars the talent of which has contributed to enrich Italian elegant cuisine, that BluRhapsody has dedicated a new 3D pasta shape: the Michelin Star, red as the edition of the Guide that has recognized them (“The Red” is jargon to call the guide on hotels and restaurants). A small tribute to congratulate award-winning chefs and especially to thank them for making the offering of one of the flagships of Italian tradition and culture even more beautiful and more varied: cuisine.


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