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2019 The Best Chef Awards: results of the third edition

The Best Chef Awards 2019, i risultati della terza edizione
Barcelona, 24th September: Swedish Björn Frantzén won the first prize of 2019 The Best Chef Awards.

The gala night was held at historic Universitat de Barcelona at the end of the third edition of The Best Chef Awards: the prestigious event celebrating the best international cuisine and proclaiming the top 100 ranking of the best starred chefs coming from all over the world. It is interesting to point out that in this competition chefs are voted for their talent and not for the relevant restaurants. Once again Spain, the country of avant-garde cuisine, was the one that received most awards.

A trio on the podium

A jury including journalists, competing chefs and professionals of the industry proclaimed the winner: no. 1 in the world is Swedish Björn Frantzén, chef of Stockholm Frantzén Restaurant. The Scandinavian chef has outdone a real legend, Spaniard Joan Roca, winner of both previous editions and ranking second this year. Another Spaniard ranked third, chef David Muñoz, who kept his previous position.

Italians in the top 100 list

Participation of Italians in the competition has been significant, with as many as 12 chefs in the top 100 list. Massimo Bottura, ranking thirteen, is the first Italian in the list.

BluRhapsody at The Best Chef Awards

Once again BluRhapsody was one of the sponsors of the gala night. Tuscan chef Roberto Rossi of starred restaurant Il Silene presented 3D pasta as a huge opportunity for all chefs in his talk at the event Talk Area. He pointed out that a new frontier is opening for pasta, stressing that it offers endless possibilities of customization: from shapes to colours and flavours.


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