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Introducing Aperiblu, BluRhapsody first cocktail-workshop

Vi raccontiamo Aperiblu, il primo workshop-aperitivo di BluRhapsody
This event has come to life almost accidentally, as a thank you to the numerous fans who constantly write to us and ask to try BluRhapsody well-known 3D pasta: a bit of a cocktail and a bit of a workshop, for mutual exchange and making everyone happy.

It was conceived as a test to organize an informal moment of sharing and dialogue, but what is sure is that Aperiblu (its name pays tribute to BluRhapsody iconic blue colour) has soon obtained great consensus. Selected from a list of candidates who showed their strong interest in our products over time (mainly through social media), the group of participants was heterogeneous, but definitely well matched and having a pivotal common denominator: they were all curious and willing to get involved, exactly as we are.

What happened? A special evening and an original cocktail were organized in “Design Thinking” experimental facility in Parma.



Food lovers taking part in the event enthusiastically found out that their involvement would be nothing but passive: indeed, they were not to take part in a simple tasting, as they expected to, but rather in a workshop-like pathway, where they could create their own, customized and exclusive experience, including their final assessment.

Some of the best-selling 3D pasta shapes of the collection, but also new and untested shapes (including the jug and square basket) were selected and three “work” areas were set up, where pasta was respectively cooked in different ways: boiled, grilled or fried. A wide selection of sauces and dressings was available to guests and nothing was to be taken for granted, as these ranged from traditional seasonings to sweet creams. There were no limits to creativity and the green light was given to personal inspiration. At the end of this experience, participants were asked to fill in a feedback form to indicate their degree of appreciation and pasta shapes, types of cooking and fillings they had chosen.

Given its success, passion shown by guests and positive interactions, this event will be certainly repeated.


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