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2021 Michelin stars... the new “constellation” of Chefs has been unveiled

Stelle Michelin 2021… presentata la nuova “costellazione” di Chef
Twenty-six new Michelin stars were awarded to twenty-six new Italian restaurants during the presentation of the 66th edition of 2021 Italy Michelin Guide. It is a significant number, considering the particularly complex scenario Italian restaurants are facing.

“There are times in life that are more difficult and complex than others. There are times when you want to close your eyes and hope that everything is over, that everything is as it was before, when you open them. And we, at Michelin, this year have also wondered, given the current situation, if it would be better to close our eyes and wait for everything to pass... or if it would be fairer to keep our eyes open, to continue writing our Guide and present it to the public. In our mind, this question only had one answer: absolutely yes”.

These were the opening words of the traditional award ceremony, pronounced by Marco Do, Michelin Italy Communication Director.

Once again, Michelin has decided to celebrate the great culinary talents of this wonderful and multifaceted country with its award.

Achieving such a coveted goal at this unprecedented historical time has an even more special meaning and becomes a message of encouragement rewarding the skills, dedication, passion and commitment not only of chefs, but of all protagonists involved: brigades de cuisine, waiting staff and all those who contribute to bringing the experience of hospitality to top levels.

The event was streamed live but in spite of the physical absence of direct protagonists, it managed to convey emotions, also due to the fact that awarded chefs were connected.

Deep emotions were felt not only by the younger ones (4 chefs under 30 obtained their first star). Three restaurants were awarded their second star while no new 3-star restaurants emerged, even though all eleven 3-star restaurants of the last edition were confirmed.

This year the green star was introduced, which was awarded to excellent restaurants that are also sustainable.

BluRhapsody congratulates all chefs who made it and got their first star: only a few in life will be able to say they have reached the stars. And you are among them!

Chefs are numerous with whom we have come into contact over the years that had their star confirmed: kudos and our esteem go to the all of them.

A special mention also goes to Davide Oldani with whom BluRhapsody had the pleasure of collaborating and who was awarded his second well-deserved star yesterday.


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