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Matias Perdomo tells about BluRhapsody through the “Intreccio” event

Matias Perdomo racconta BluRhapsody attraverso l’evento “Intreccio”
From the appetiser to the dessert, pasta is the absolute protagonist of the menu that starred chef Matias Perdomo created for BluRhapsody’s Intreccio event.


Intreccio is the title of BluRhapsody 3D pasta presentation event held on 11th May at Exit Pastificio Urbano, Matias Perdomo’s pasta temple. It was a grand style event where 3D pasta, in the hands of the chef, became an extraordinary example of art generating art and was taken to its highest expression level through the visionary tasting journey led by Perdomo.

A new vision of pasta emerged, one that aims at unhinging certainties, shattering commonplaces by intertwining with them to create a totally new “twine”. The chef addressed diners, food critics and journalists, inviting them to open up, welcome and be enraptured by the experience, rejecting rigidity and allowing themselves to be enveloped by new sensations.

His five-course menu, where pasta is the protagonist from the appetiser to the dessert, is intended to be provocative, experimental and avant-garde at the same time. Let’s see it together.


VIAGGIO (JOURNEY). Pasta beyond Italy. Shape: Venus by BluRhapsody. Matias interprets the shell as a suitcase carrying all the memories and flavours of a trip to Peru. 


CONSISTENZE (TEXTURES). Reflecting while chewing. Shape: Mussel by BluRhapsody. Here it is the shape that inspires the dish. So pasta is stripped of its role as a first course and makes itself available to create new textures.

GEOMETRIA (GEOMETRY). Squaring the circle. Shape: Sfera by BluRhapsody. 3D pasta becomes a malleable and flexible tool for new creations. In this case, it becomes a medium to be ironic about tradition - vitello tonnato (veal with tuna sauce) – by giving pasta a new role. The boundaries between inside and outside, content and container become blurred. 


MEMORIA (MEMORY). Interweaving of stories and memories. Through DNA, the new shape created by Perdomo together with BluRhapsody designers, Matias has interpreted a memory of his own, which is intertwined with different gastronomic cultures.


MITO (MYTH). Pandora’s box. Shape: Kalpis by BluRhapsody. It plays on the visual appearance and the semantic element of amphoras. An amphora stranded on a rock, which holds the delicacies of Sicily. And pasta becomes a dessert.


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