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I M PASTA: a 3D pasta-only menu signed by chef Alberto Gipponi

I M PASTA: un menù di sola pasta, anche 3D, firmato dallo chef Alberto Gipponi
Chef Alberto Gipponi presents his new menu entirely dedicated to pasta at Dina restaurant in Gussago, Franciacorta: a fascinating sensory journey paying tribute to the most iconic food of all.

“I believe that food and cooking are something visceral, something that fascinates me in a way I can hardly explain in words. Cuisine is emotion and joy for me”.

These are chef Alberto Gipponi’s words, greeting and immediately engaging you as soon as you visit the website of Dina, his restaurant. They are the key to let you into his universe, which make you feel his passion. Total and deep passion.

I M PASTA: “I am pasta”, but also “knead”. This is the new tasting menu proposed by the chef, entirely dedicated to pasta. A journey that is both simple and complex, which stems from the primordial concept that a meal should always be “kneaded” in some way. Tradition and philosophy, leading to an 8-course menu the fil rouge of which is the dough made of water and flour: a celebration of pasta, from appetisers to desserts. A laboratory of new ideas, but also a new way of conceiving seasonings.

One of the courses is dedicated to BluRhapsody 3D printed pasta: “3D pasta, pigeon and soaked-bread and mother yeast potatoes” is the name of the dish. For this purpose, BluRhapsody has designed a customised shape, requested by the chef. Pasta becomes the protagonist of the dish and takes a leading role on meat: it is filled with pigeon livers and heart, seasoned with ragout prepared with its legs and stock. Buttons made of stale bread and yeast accompany the dish.

The menu was presented on 8th June in Milan by Identità Golose and was extremely successful.

Are you a chef and want to amaze your guests by introducing a 3D printed pasta shape in your menu? Discover all shapes available on official website... or contact us to create your own customised shape.


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