Celebrating Mikaela Shiffrin

CelebratingMikaela Shiffrin

With her 87 victories, Mikaela Shiffrin becomes the greatest female skier of all time. BluRhapsody® dedicates a special limited edition shape to her.

Do you also have your own special number to be celebrated?

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Let themagic begin.

Be charmed by 3D pasta.

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Che la magia abbia inizio
Choose our spectacular 3D pasta shapes

Fresh frozen pasta

Unleash your creativity

Choose our spectacular 3D pasta shapes for your dinner or event.

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Choose our spectacular 3D pasta shapes
Cupid 3D pasta shape

3D finger food pasta

Make an amazing gift

3D finger food pasta is an elegant and spectacular gift. Choose from the shapes we have designed.

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Corso Chef per un giorno


Chef for a day course

Prepare amazing dishes with Francesca Gambacorta using 3D pasta shapes.

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Quality raw materials, craftsmanship, innovation.

Tradition, innovation, wonder. It is the combination of these three elements that has led BluRhapsody® to come up with a new way of making pasta. Of course, we could not change the ingredients: semolina and water, which are untouchable. We have therefore designed a tool to create new shapes.

Our pasta