...the beauty of pasta shapes remains intact until cooking and the sensory experience we offer will be unprecedented.

After being amazed by shapes, our users are unexpectedly curious about conservation. Many indeed ask us why BluRhapsody® pasta is frozen.


First of all it is all a matter of flavour: frozen immediately after being made, pasta shapes will maintain all the flavour of top-quality fresh pasta, which will also enhance sensory experiences stemming from the different textures that reach the palate (including amphorae handles, Vortipa knurling or pasta twines of sea urchins and pasta baskets).


Even aesthetics is far better. By freezing pasta shapes immediately after preparation, we ensure they maintain the beauty they have when they are printed, which makes any breakages or imperfections more unlikely.


You will have the benefit of faster cooking: indeed, it only takes a few minutes in boiling water, which obviously varies depending on the shape. This will allow you to better focus on delicate methods of preparation and to organize the dish preparation more effectively.


BluRhapsody® pasta comes in cardboard boxes containing three or four layers of pasta in individually-sealed packages, depending on the shape. You can decide to open a single package and only use the amount of product you need, keeping the rest for your next dinner to amaze new guests.

Your 3D pasta will be delivered directly to your home and the cold chain will be ensured by dry ice. This is why you will have 6-8 hours to store the product in the freezer after it is delivered. This means that if you are not at home, you can also receive the delivery at your office and rely on a few hours without risking defrosting.

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