Snowflake with purple cabbage cream and edamame beans.

Who has never dreamt, at least once, to wake up on a snowy Christmas morning? In this hectic though exciting atmosphere before the holidays, feeling December cold coming, such a dish immediately envelopes us in a somehow fairy-tale atmosphere.

It is impossible not to be enchanted by it. Snowflake by BluRhapsody®, shaped liked a sophisticated and perfect snow crystal, is always spectacular on the plate.

Presented with purple cabbage cream and edamame beans, as it is in this recipe, it is particularly suitable as a vegan-friendly fulfilling and light cocktail.

It is very elegantly presented and very easily prepared. This is a recipe celebrating the encounter of traditionally poor ingredients (such as cabbage), with ingredients having eastern flavours (edamame beans) and ingredients that we thought we perfectly knew but we had to rethink about (pasta), leading to something extremely original and memorable.

Snowflake is simply placed on purple cabbage cream, having a slightly pungent flavour softened by a drop of cream and sweetened by caramelized onion and soybeans finishing.

Magic cannot be missing even in the preparation of such a dish: just add a few lemon drops and choose the shade of your cream that will turn from dark purple to intense fuchsia.


  1. For the purple cabbage cream: brown the purple cabbage cut into thin strips for a few minutes in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Then cover with water and continue cooking over low heat for about 30 minutes. Once cooked, add fresh cream and blend until the texture is creamy and consistent. Adjust the colour as desired by adding a few lemon drops.
  2. Simply steam or blanch edamame beans and then season with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil and a pinch of salt.
  3. It only takes 2 minutes in boiling salted water for Snowflake to be cooked, a few pieces at a time. Preferably drain using a skimmer and serve immediately.

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