Contrasts lead to a unique sensory experience.

It immediately amazes for its delicate colours and the fine combination of ingredients, which instantly satisfy the eye and anticipate an equally soft and harmonious taste. But here is the very first pleasant surprise: Vortipa with aubergine chips and diced marinated swordfish is indeed fresh and summery, but its taste is rich and robust, involving the strong and slightly bitter notes of aubergine that are perfectly balanced by the lively aroma of swordfish marinated in a citrus emulsion.
This dish pleasantly amazes for its contrasts. Starting from the texture of its ingredients: the crunchy aubergine, the soft fish that almost melts in the mouth and, last but not least, the reassuring harmonious pasta, giving the palate a unique sensory experience and surprisingly becoming the coup de theatre of the dish, due to its shape and texture. And there is more: hot pasta and extremely hot fried aubergine chips are beautifully balanced by the cold fish and lukewarm basil flavoured oil.

Finally, shapes are so seductive in their beautiful simplicity and perfection: thinly sliced fried aubergine, small drops of basil flavoured oil, diced swordfish and, as usual, the very protagonist, Vortipa by BluRhapsody®, spectacular 3D pasta, which is both simple and complex. Just like this dish.

Vortipa con chips di melanzane


  1. For aubergine chips we have used the “Perlina” variety, which is extremely small, thinly skinned and seedless. Its pulp is compact and slightly watery, which makes it ideal for frying.
  2. Previously shock frozen, swordfish has been marinated raw in an emulsion of lemon, orange and extra virgin olive oil and left to rest in the refrigerator for at least one hour.
  3. For basil flavoured oil: blanch basil leaves for about 1 minute, drain and put in a bowl with water and ice, drain again and blend, mixing with a little water.
  4. Finally, it only takes two minutes to cook Vortipa in salted boiling water: just put a few pieces at a time, drain with a skimmer and serve immediately.

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