With BluRhapsody 3D printed pasta, you can prepare a memorable Valentine’s Day dinner. And the best thing is that you will spend very little time cooking!

Even if you do not feel like going out, don’t miss out on the pleasure of an amazing Valentine’s Day dinner. We will help you prepare some easy-to-make chef’s recipes… and you will see how satisfying this is! Even if you are not very familiar with the cooker. Just follow these little tips and your night will be unforgettable. You could even cook together with your other half and it will be very romantic as well as fun. On the other hand, if you’d rather go for the wow effect, prepare to enjoy the moment when you leave him or her literally speechless.

However, before thinking about the menu (which is the most rewarding part!), don’t forget to create an impeccable atmosphere, making sure you do not overlook even the smallest detail. Dress carefully even though you are not going out. Some dim lights, soft music, a well-set table, bubbles and, last but not least, a BluRhapsody captivating 3D printed pasta tasting for two.

All shapes are perfect and have been designed to fully enhance your sensory experience but, if you are an incurable romantic, BluRhapsody has dedicated two limited-edition dream pasta shapes to Valentine’s Day: Kalpis love edition and Love me tender. The first one, with its amazing amphora shape in candy pink, is ideal for an extraordinary appetizer, beautiful for the eye and delicious for the palate. The second one is made up of two shapes, as red as passion: one is a heart, designed to be stuffed with a creamy filling; the other one, with its pleasant texture on the palate, replicates the word “love”. Together they are an actual declaration of love on the plate. How can you prepare them? Preparation is extremely simple: cook your pasta in boiling salted water for 2 minutes, drain carefully, prepare a creamy filling using seasonal vegetables or cheese, add a gourmet touch such as fish tartare or, for a nice crispy effect, a cheese wafer. Be inspired by the recipes on the website or unleash your creativity and, either way, it will be a dish you will love at first sight.

Buy the special shapes for your Valentine’s Day dinner or discover all the other shapes available on Blurhapsody.com e-shop.

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