Italians. We may be exaggerated, noisy, messy... but, when all is said and done, what remains of us is our empathy, selflessness and constant incredible humanity, in all situations and in spite of everything. And let us say that it is precisely for this that our Italian pride increases day by day.

Always ready to travel around the world, but desperate if our pasta is not perfectly cooked, al dente. We constantly question everything, but would never miss our Sunday lunches with mom… what can you do about this, this is what we are. We have a lot of flaws (who does not have any?), but we do not hide it and, on the contrary, we criticize ourselves and even laugh about that.
However, in the current crisis, full of hurdles and difficulties, we have proven we are strong, resistant, compact. United in pain, but extremely willing to look forward.

We have been hit and bent, but we are still standing: to resist, to help and support each other, to make our voice heard.
In the last few days, the whole world has waited with bated breath before our uncertainties, monuments representing different cultures and countries have been coloured as the Italian flag is. It has been really moving. We represent Italy that resists, that wins in spite of everything.

And our thanks to you for being exactly like this, has come as a tribute to our flag: BluRhapsody pasta now comes in the Italian flag colours. We have chosen Kalpis, our most emblematic shape, replicating an ancient amphora, which reminds us that our history and culture have very long roots and that nothing can stop us. We will always stand up again, strong, united.

Unfortunately today our flag flies at half-mast, tomorrow it will fly even more proudly.

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