“Life is a combination of pasta and magic.”

Federico Fellini

Pastacacio cheesepepper. Three simple ingredients. Together, in perfect balance, creating one dish that alone tells the whole wonder of Italian cuisine, namely Roman cuisine: the unique “cacio e pepe” pasta. Those who taste it for the first time cannot help but feel enveloped in the magic it releases.

It is an extraordinary, simple and complex dish at the same time. We indeed suggest trying it to those who wonder: after all, what does it take? Its creaminess, flavour, selection of raw materials, quantities… nothing is as it seems. Let us start with cacio cheese, rigorously PDO Pecorino Romano cheese, sufficiently matured and mixed with the right amount of water that, on its turn, must be warm to the right point to obtain the best cream.

And then pepper that, be careful, should not be simply ground over the dish, because this ingredient has its secrets and requires accurate steps as well. Crush grains using a knife and roast them in a pan, then add a little cooking water to obtain a perfumed broth to finish cooking pasta, which must be previously boiled and drained when extremely ‘al dente’. And only at the end, add cheese cream. Try in a different way, not following this thorough ritual and something will go wrong, lumps will form and the dish will lack magic.

The first time most people taste it is in Rome, the eternal city… and when you are there, you immediately realize why it bears that name. It must be also for this reason, for the atmosphere, the scenery, the climate, the people, but it is an unforgettable feeling. It is considered as a poor dish due to its simple ingredients, but it is such a heritage that it is rich, extremely rich.

BluRhapsody wanted to pay tribute to this symbol of Italian tradition by dedicating to it one of its most popular 3D pasta shapes, Kalpis amphora, and by creating a new little masterpiece: Kalpis Cacio&Pepe.

Pasta, cacio cheese, pepper. All these ingredients are contained in the dough and become one single thing. You look at it and its beauty amazes you. You taste it and you are surprised by its unexpected flavour. But if everything is already in the dough, what about the seasoning? We assure you it is delicious as it is, but you can also stuff it with a delicate artichoke cream.

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