During our first year of e-commerce, many of you asked us to have BluRhapsody non-frozen fresh pasta... we can finally meet your request.

Exactly one year after we started selling to individuals in Italy, through our dedicated e-commerce channel (initially 3D pasta was the exclusive prerogative of chefs, who ordered their tailor-made pasta shapes), from 27th January everybody can receive BluRhapsody fresh pasta, which will no longer be sent frozen, unless explicitly required during orders.

Furthermore, from the same date, deliveries of 3D fresh pasta will also be available in London, as demand was extremely high after the exciting success of “Black Cauldron”, pasta in the shape of a witch cauldron, made to celebrate Halloween in London and sold by Pasta Evangelist at its pasta booth in Harrods department store.

Treat yourself to a new experience

All BluRhapsody 3D pasta shapes are made exclusively on demand. When a new order is received, production immediately starts of selected pasta shapes: only a few pieces at a time to be checked one by one.

This is why you have to wait a few days when you choose a delivery date on the website, as we are making pasta for you.

BluRhapsody pasta is fresh pasta made using the dough of top-quality semolina. It lasts 10 days after it is made and can be stored in the refrigerator. If you wish, you can still request to receive BluRhapsody frozen fresh pasta when checking out your order. In this case, you will receive it packed with dry ice, which lasts several hours: this means that you can receive your pasta wherever you prefer and then take it home within a few hours, so that defrosting does not start.

Simply choose your favourite shape.

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