The origins of Halloween date back to the mists of time and, differently from what many now think, do not stem from American tradition, which has mainly inherited playful traits that we all know today: theme parties, fearful disguises, carved pumpkins, the singsong formula “trick or treat” repeated by children asking for sweets. Conversely, the story of Halloween is extremely profound and hidden as it comes from ancient Celtic traditions.

The terrifying night of darkness.

The night between 31st October and 1st November used to be the beginning of the season of cold and darkness, marked by the end of harvesting and by the start of winter. For the Celts, 1st November was the first day of the new year and the night leading to it was a night of powerful and obscure changes, when all laws of time and space were suspended, which allowed the world of spirits to join the world of the living.

Myths, stories and legends have overlapped in time, enriching and changing their original meaning and this night has therefore become the night of witches all over the world: the scariest night of the year.

BluRhapsody has decided to celebrate it by creating limited-edition Black Cauldron: a rigorously black 3D pasta shape replicating a witch’s cauldron (all colours used by BluRhapsody are obtained using food ingredients based on natural extracts). If you are considering bringing it to the table for your Halloween dinner, rest assured that your dish will have extraordinarily special effects. Try it stuffed with pumpkin cream or pistachio pesto if you are looking for an even more intense and original experience. It is ideal both as a spectacular appetizer and as a first course.

Black Cauldron is on exclusive sale at Harrods in London from 28th October to 3rd November at Pasta Evangelist booth.

In Italy it can be purchased only on request by sending a mail to
12 units cost € 31.90.

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