Special traditional recipes for your Easter menu

Let us go back to our traditions to feel closer to each other: special recipes for your Easter menu... that recall your grandmother’s, though.

We are now aware that we will all be spending Easter 2020 at home, each one in his or her own house. However, this will not make us feel distant and, even though we are experiencing something out of the ordinary, we will be able to stay together in spite of our physical distance… and perhaps even at lunch. Yes, but how? Going back to our traditions: they will have the magical power to bring us closer. Each family has its own recipes and some tiny variations, secret ingredients… and it is precisely such customizations, be they little or big, which make the timeless ritual of passing down customs so wonderful.

This is why we have decided to offer you special reinterpretations of easter menu, but we will not give you the recipes: this is how you will keep your tradition unchanged, which will make you feel closer to your family, to your roots. We just want to play with shapes, add a touch of amazement and create the wow effect that will delight your eyes, because you are excellent at delighting palates.

We have therefore redesigned two pillars of Italian regional cuisine: torta pasqualina (Easter cake), a delicious salty cake from Liguria and pastiera napoletana, a dessert from Campania that needs no introduction.