Treat yourself to the pleasure of offering your guests a special dinner.

It is a promise. It will be an unforgettable evening, perfect in every detail. It does not take something to celebrate to organize an evening to remember. And if it were a romantic dinner, even better. It does not even take a couple to create a romantic moment, just put your spirit in it… and a pinch of atmosphere. And it is easier than you think. It just takes a few ingredients to create magic: the right people, a tastefully laid out table, soft lighting, pleasant music… and a simple menu, which of course includes your perfect recipe! It must be beautiful, good and eye-catching enough to create an amazing effect, but just as easy to prepare, because this evening is also yours and we do not want you to spend it cooking. Let us be clever then. First and foremost, pasta: everyone likes it and it is always the protagonist, but try it in one of BluRhapsody‘s amazing 3D shapes and you will turn it into pure emotion. And when it comes to ingredients: better few but excellent ones. We recommend choosing a recipe to be served lukewarm, ideal to celebrate the first hot spring days that have been so long awaited but that, finally, seem to be here.
Try, for example, Sfera with burrata cream, tomato water and confit cherry tomatoes. Delightful to both the eye and the palate: at first its note is slightly acidulous, then savoury and finally persistently sweet, satisfying, velvety.

It is very easy to be prepared. Choose very fresh burrata, extract the inner part, stracciatella, and make it even creamier using a spoon. Cook pasta shapes in boiling water. Just focus on this step: respect cooking time and drain a few pieces at a time using a skimmer, removing all water left inside, then stuff each shape with stracciatella cream using a pastry bag. Sfera is particularly suitable because it perfectly contains the stuffing, but Kalpis (our amphora-shaped pasta) is also perfect for this recipe. The first one is sober and chic, the other one is absolutely extraordinary… choose the one you prefer!
Decorate each shape with confit cherry tomatoes (cook sliced ​​tomatoes seasoned with salt, sugar and oil in a low-temperature oven) and with a fried basil leaf (frying makes it transparent, as if it were made of glass, and adds crunchiness to the dish) and serve on tomato water decorated with droplets of extra virgin olive oil. Your dish is ready.

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