2020 definitely does not want to let go. After our great fear in spring, our sigh of relief in summer… we are now back in chaos. It is a hard time in many ways and we certainly do not aim at dealing with such complex issues here. On the contrary, we would like to get your smile, give you some happy moments and rediscover conviviality and cheerfulness that bring us back to more pleasant times.

We do it our way, with the best we can offer. We do it through beauty, which is a tool through which BluRhapsody conveys memories and emotions and rekindles positive feelings. We do it by trying to rediscover small pleasures such as, why not, cocktail time. Not so much for the cocktail itself, but rather for what it represents: laughter with friends, bubbles to forget a tiresome working week and some appetizing bites. Now that we are back home again, it would be nice not to let go and still have a few carefree cheerful moments.
Let us try to create a new routine together: it is priceless to discover the pleasure of inventing “cocktail time” with your family… but if you love technology and miss your friends, it can be fun to organise happy hour on video call. Maybe with a gourmet cooking contest.
This is why we have created some easy recipes, taken from the great classics of Italian tradition, and we are confident you will prepare them with your eyes closed. For example, are you a fan of amatriciana pasta? Turn it into an appetizer and make it unique using a 3D pasta shape (we suggest Vortipa, but you can use the one you prefer) and there you have it: you will give yourself the pleasure of creating something special, offer your family a gourmet experience… and you will make your friends’ mouths water, deserving to be called a chef.

Vortipa amatriciana

Are you up for the challenge? Prepare your speciality using a BluRhapsody pasta shape, change the rules of the game and turn it into an appetizer. You can also share it on social media using @blurhapsody_food tag and we will be very happy to share your post. Experiencing these moments together makes us feel closer and certainly makes us stronger.

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