From traditional spaghetto, the most appreciated first course in Italian cuisine, to spaghetto 3D, a glamorous finger-food shape designed to be the protagonist of extraordinary cocktails. New gestures, new rituals and new opportunities for tasty conviviality are born.

There is no symbol of Italy that represents it better than a plate of spaghetti. It has always been the pasta shape par excellence: enhanced by traditional recipes, celebrated in movies, an absolute icon of Made in Italy abroad. Today, in its guise as Spaghetto 3D, it also becomes the protagonist of original and amazing finger food cocktails.

In the beginning was spaghetto with tomato. The basis, the starting point of the concept of Italian pasta, the icon of many movies, of Sunday lunches, and of who knows how many ‘midnight spaghetti’. This is where BluRhapsody, 3D-printed artisanal pasta, has decided to start to tell the story of the avant-garde art of pasta-making. This is how Spaghetto 3D was born: starting from semolina and water dough, it was shaped, gram by gram, bit by bit, by BluRhapsody® exclusive 3D printer.



“We have called it Spaghetto 3D to shake up imagination by combining tradition with technology, by suggesting to break away from custom and dive into new gastronomic journeys and new eating experiences”, comments Valentina Parravicini, BluRhapsody® Marketing and Business Development Manager. “Our practical hands and forward-thinking mindset enable us to feed on an amazing and multifaceted experience. This is BluRhapsody® Spaghetto 3D”.

A forkful of rolled-up spaghetti for a mouthful having a tasty and engaging texture. The sauce rests in the centre in a perfect embrace leading to an explosion of flavours when you bite it. An intense and serendipitous journey of flavours, to be experienced with every single bite.



But how big is each shape? It has a 3 cm base and is 2.3 cm high: a specially-designed size, ideal to have it as finger food cocktail. Each nest towers, waiting to be taken with your fingers. A new gesture, a new ritual is born, as well as new eating opportunities that dare to go beyond the comfort zone of pasta as a first course and conquer new shores, from cocktails on the terrace, to pre-dinner tastings, up to stylish picnics.

Available in the new practical 100% recyclable packaging including 12 or 24 units, BluRhapsody new Spaghetto 3D is an invitation to create and amaze. You can find it on sale on the e-shop and exclusively at Bottega Barilla in Parma.

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