Course details

1. After purchasing your course you will receive an e-mail containing the relevant instructions. If it is a gift, you can print your e-mail and put it in an envelope or forward it to the recipient of your gift. Please note: the class will be held in Italian.

2. You will have 3 months to activate your course and communicate the address and delivery date of the pasta kit you will need for the class.

3. The Chef will call you to fix the date of the course and possibly agree on small recipe customizations.

4. You will receive a recap e-mail also containing the list of ingredients to be purchased for the recipes. We will be in charge of sending you the pasta you will use.

5. On the day of the class you will be connected with the Chef according to the arrangements you will have made.

A 12-unit tray of BluRhapsody® 3D pasta containing:

4 Vortipa
2 Venus
4 Kalpis
2 Salix

A 2-hour online individual class in Italian.

A 15% discount code for your next order.

Fried Vortipa flavoured with paprika, curry, chilli, cacio cheese and pepper, citrus fruits. Served with guacamole sauce.

Venus with raw red prawns, their essence and parsley chlorophyll.

Kalpis stuffed with creamy potatoes on pulse soup and candied lemon.

Salix stuffed with sweet and sour seasonal vegetables.

Show cooking Blurhapsody

Known by her nickname FraFoodLove, Francesca is a Roman Personal Chef who is extremely active on social media. She has over 100,000 followers on IG and her video recipes get tens of thousands of views. She works as a chef for events, home tastings, show-cooking sessions, banqueting and catering. She collaborates on a regular basis with Giallo Zafferano and has taken part in several programmes on Gambero Rosso TV. She is also the author of the recipe book Semplicità Complessa and this is how she likes to define her cooking style: “An apparently simple dish gets complex in preparation… but it can go back to being simple if you use a few little tricks”.

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