Sea Urchin with cream of gazpacho, shrimp, cucumber and squid ink coral.

This dish is pure suggestion. Pleasant and sparkling like a seafront promenade at sunset, the cool breeze caressing the skin and intriguing the palate. Simple though sophisticated, this dish smells like the sea, speaks of the sea, tastes like the sea. And Sea Urchin, 3D pasta shaped like a sea urchin, one of the latest shapes added to BluRhapsody® collection complementing the wide range of marine shapes, immediately catches the eye.

A sequence of flavours exquisitely and distinctly embraces the palate. It starts from twines composing pasta that take on pleasantly different textures blending with the lukewarm vegetable cream, having an aromatic and slightly pungent flavour contrasting in turn with the sweet lightly seared shrimp, with the fresh thin cucumber slices and with the crispy and sapid wonderful coral with squid ink. Some freshly ground black pepper will enhance perfumes and aromas. Perfect as a first course, but definitely seductive to be tasted as a cocktail while drinking a glass of white wine. It will be love at first sight.

Lungomare firmato BluRhapsody


  1. Gazpacho can be prepared with fresh vegetables you prefer. We used tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Soften stale bread in water to make gazpacho creamier. Serve at room temperature.
  2. Sea Urchin is cooked in only two and a half minutes in boiling salted water. Just put a few pieces at a time, preferably drain using a skimmer and serve immediately.
  3. Black coral is prepared by blending water, extra virgin olive oil, flour, salt and a few drops of natural squid ink. Waffles are fried over high heat, pouring the mix little by little into a very hot pan that has been previously greased.
  4. For a more intense taste of the sea, only use fresh lightly seared prawns.

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