BluRhapsody Cube


Fresh tuna fish

Octopus tentacles


Pink pepper

EVO oil




A mind-blowing finger food appetizer... incredibly tasty, extremely easy to be prepared and truly spectacular. Take a ripe avocado and mash the pulp using a fork. Add a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, some lime juice, a pinch of salt and mix well. Cook your octopus tentacles in boiling salted water. Once cooled, cook them in a frying pan with a little oil until crispy. Season with salt. Cut your tuna fish into small pieces and season with oil and salt.


Cook your pasta in boiling salted water for 13 minutes and drain to remove all cooking water from your shapes (place them upside down on a clean tea towel).


Stuff Cube with your avocado cream and place your octopus tentacles and tuna fish tartare alternately on top. Add some pink pepper that you have cut using a knife and garnish with a lime slice.

What is great about this dish is that you can customize it to your taste and it will always be delicious. For example, you can use grilled shrimps instead of octopus and you can choose your favourite fish tartare instead of tuna fish.

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