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Offer a BluRhapsody Gift Card, it will be a special and unexpected gift.
BluRhapsody Gift Cards are prepaid cards with decremental credit that can be used exclusively online for purchases on website for one year from the date of issue. BluRhapsody Gift Cards are virtual cards: you will receive a customized e-mail including a code, which will be active and ready to be used.

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How can I buy it?

Select the amount you prefer (€25, €35, €50 or €100) and enter your details. You can receive BluRhapsody Gift Card at your e-mail address so that you can print it, put it in an envelope and offer it as a gift. Or you can have it sent directly to the recipient’s e-mail address, also selecting the exact date you want it to be delivered, and add a message.

How can I use it?

To use BluRhapsody Gift Cards on the website, once you have placed your favourite product in the cart, simply enter the code you received in the “Gift Card Code” field.
Credit is decremental. It means that if you do not use it up in a single purchase, you can use it again and possibly add more credit through different payment methods.