Introducing Petalum, a new pasta shape designed by BluRhapsody to celebrate this new beginning together.

This year we missed the magical moment of winter turning into spring. The air starts smelling differently, cold gives way to increasingly pleasantly warm days, hours of light increase in number, the first petals open up. We missed it because we were all at home, blocked by the unexpected health emergency we had to face, even though we were completely unprepared to do so. Incredulous, frightened, angry, discouraged… each one of us has reacted in his or her own way, with alternate emotions. But the time has finally come to start over. We closed the door of our house a day at the end of February, we were still wearing heavy jackets, scarves and caps; we have now opened it in late spring and we are now wearing short sleeves. This is why we would like to symbolically start over by dedicating a new 3D pasta shape to all of you who have hoped so much, which will give us back part of the emotion of nature awakening that we could not enjoy fully, the first flowers blossoming.

Petalum is the symbol of our new beginning. A petal of pasta, ready to harbour creamy sauces and delicious seasonings. It is very versatile, as you will immediately notice, and you will create dishes using extremely original combinations.

You can stuff it with delicious coloured vegetable creams and recreate the corolla of a flower or you can have fun breaking it down and reassembling it as you like: a different stuffing for every petal, a different mouthful of spring. Being extremely easy both to be prepared and stuffed, you will not necessarily need to use a pastry bag. You can serve it both as a first course and as an appetizer, but its best version is definitely as finger food.

You can buy Petalum from our e-shop.

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