Do you fancy an amazingly original appetizer? Try our recipe with pasta, potatoes and mussels... a dish inspired by the tradition of the Italian region of Apulia, reinterpreted with our pasta instead of rice. A surprising gourmet idea that will leave your guests speechless.

Yes, that is right, this recipe is based on pasta, potatoes and mussels. Can’t you find pasta in the dish? We ensure there is, we have not left it in the pot. And here comes the surprise: the mussel shell is actually Mussel, one of the most intriguing 3D pasta shapes by BluRhapsody. A playful and even a little flippant shell made with semolina, water and squid ink that blends perfectly into the dish. Now imagine how amazed your guests will be when you serve your appetizer… or when you taste it first, showing your guests that you eat the mussel and its entire shell. We have borrowed one of Italian numerous superb traditional recipes and we have taken the liberty to reinterpret it and turn it into a gourmet appetizer: fun, delicious and very easy to prepare. We have been inspired by a typical Apulian dish based on rice, potatoes and mussels, but we have chosen to use our pasta instead of rice and to create finger food with a surprise.

Potatoes and mussels

As you have probably noticed, there are no detailed descriptions of procedures and dosages in our suggestions, as it will be up to you to find the right balance of flavours. What really counts is sharing, wonder, an unexpected sensory experience, a common recipe becoming special. Amazement for the eyes… and amazement for the palate, as we ensure that BluRhapsody superior-quality fresh pasta has unique organoleptic characteristics, starting with texture, which offers top-notch tasting. This is our suggestion, but you can freely experiment: fill Mussel pasta shells with diced potatoes browned in a pan, add a mussel onto each shape and, if you like, decorate with a fried parsley leaf. Simple though amazing.

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