“Sometimes words are not enough. Then you need colours. And shapes. And notes. And emotions”.

Alessandro Baricco

Some speak with words, some with their eyes, some write letters, some send texts using emojis, some put on a soundtrack giving goosebumps and some others tell you everything by simply touching your arm lightly. However, if you are looking for something extremely creative to deliver your most special message, we suggest you try pasta words: perfect to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, to say thank you, I love you, to propose to her or to him or to answer yes (I will marry you!).


Lettere di pasta 3D


An original idea to let your heart speak and eternalize a moment, making it unforgettable. And it will also be an incredible culinary experience. Indeed, these are not simply frozen fresh pasta letters, they are gourmet products made using top-quality dough, based on the finest semolina and moulded using 3D printing. A spectacular combination… a declaration of love in itself. Pasta is so good that even the simplest seasonings will enhance it and you will not need to have any extraordinary skills in the kitchen. Do not bridle your imagination in using ingredients, but accept our piece of advice: the more colourful the dish, the better your joyful message, such as a birthday party; for a romantic dinner, combine more sophisticated ingredients. Because, as you know, it is not just words that speak. Everything surrounding them counts, everything has to be perfect (therefore, if you have a soundtrack giving goosebumps, put it on).

You can find BluRhapsody pasta exclusively in its official e-shop. Choose the size of your letters based on the word you want to write. If you need them, also use numbers and symbols and enjoy your unforgettable soiree.

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