In this fifth edition of the Space4InspirAction course, designed by Professors Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro of Milan Politecnico University, students have been busy designing innovative experiences linked to eating and drinking in space. The subject of the study has been BluRhapsody 3D-printed pasta that has for some years literally revolutionised consumption and tasting habits of the most popular food through its innovatively designed shapes. This project had already been conceived to become pasta of the future (completely customisable in shape, colour and dough), but has taken on new and interesting areas of application with this “space” interpretation.
In the foreground is Sfera, a shape that can contain seasonings and nutrient supplements, thus circumventing the limit of microgravity. A practical and gourmet solution… that will prevent astronauts from giving up their beloved pasta dish just by changing the way they eat it!

“We are very pleased to take part in this project of Milan Politecnico University”, said Michela Petronio, vice-president of Blu1877, Barilla Group’s Venture Capital dedicated to supporting new business ideas in the food sector. “This year the theme fits our brand perfectly. Talking about food in space is like talking about food of the future and 3D pasta was designed to explore the future of production technologies and the evolution of the product itself. With BluRhapsody we make pasta shapes that could not be made by hand in that they are produced in small batches, extremely slowly… These are pieces that could be described as artistic, for true enthusiasts. Today, thanks to this partnership, we have been able to do something more: imagine how this product could be placed in the context that best represents the future, that is space. It appears not to be such a far cry from our own”.

Sfera and the other BluRhapsody 3D-pasta shapes are on exclusive sale in the official e-shop

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