Do not forget something red for your New Year’s Eve dinner.

Red is the must-have colour for New Year’s Eve: worn, shown off, implied, concealed… What really counts is that it is not missing!

A little bit following tradition, a little bit because it is said to be lucky for the new year, a little bit because in this special night we often feel in the right mood to dare more… and a little bit because it gives us a good vibe and, therefore, why not?

However, few people probably know where this custom comes from. Its origins are very ancient and have come to us from the far east, namely from China:

Legend has it that red was the only colour that could scare and chase away Niàn, a mythological character, a demon, represented as a men-eating beast, coming out of the sea depths and appearing during Chinese New Year. Red was supposedly used to “cast out demons” and became the lucky colour par excellence.
Even today, in Eastern symbolism, red is the colour of luck, prosperity and good fate.

What if this year, besides wearing something red, we surprised our guests by putting something red also on the plate? Besides being spectacularly shaped, all BluRhapsody® 3D pasta shapes can be customized in colours and, consequently, in aromas. Imagine bringing to the table pasta shaped like an amphora, a sphere or even a flower petal and then giving it a colour, rigorously a scarlet shade, and a different flavour: comforting tomato, spicy paprika, aromatic pepper, sweet raspberry, or unexpected pomegranate… What red shade will you choose for your dinner?

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