BluRhapsody® introduces its new terracotta bowl-shaped 3D pasta following its collaboration with chef Massimo Sollai.

A glance is sufficient for a number of memories consisting of images, aromas, but especially flavours, to immediately come to mind. The terracotta bowl brings the mind back to the family, to grandma’s house, to simple and fresh traditional cuisine. It is ancient art. Some would call it poor, but it very rich instead: an entire world embracing stories, experiences, passed on recipes, secret ingredients… and much more.

BluRhapsody® thanks chef Massimo Sollai whose insight, care of details and search for perfection have triggered the spark leading to the new and beautiful pasta shape that perfectly and faithfully replicates a small terracotta bowl, including colour-wise.

The chef asked BluRhapsody® to interpret this new pasta shape for his cuisine and their collaboration led to this miniature terracotta bowl-shaped pasta, being the perfect union of tradition and innovation, which allowed him to enhance freshness and top quality of raw materials used thanks to his creativity.

It is now up to chef Sollai to turn this new pasta shape into a work of art, amazing us with dishes that offer our palates unexpected emotions.

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