The partnership with GNT EXBERRY®, a company producing food ingredients based on natural extracts, has led to a wonderful and innovative colour range for BluRhapsody 3D pasta collection.

What is your favourite colour shade for your amphora-shaped pasta? Yes, you have not misheard… We are talking not only about 3D-printed pasta in the shape you like, but also about pasta coloured in bright, vibrant and extremely natural colours.

All this is possible due to the partnership with GNT EXBERRY®, a company with over 40 years of experience in research on natural ingredients having colouring properties. “Colouring food using food” is their mission and they have succeeded in obtaining an extremely wide range of shades, simply using and combining fruits, vegetables and plant extracts. Carrots, pumpkins, purple potatoes, elderberries, currants and blueberries are just a few of the numerous ingredients used. Coloured concentrates are obtained by processing raw materials physically and mechanically, but never ever chemically: they are first chopped, then cooked, crushed, filtered and concentrated.

Once you have selected your pasta shape and favourite colour (of which you can also choose the exact shade, including nuances), BluRhapsody® allows you to customize some other important details, including taste. For example: if you have chosen red, how about giving pasta the sweet and sour taste of raspberry? Or that of paprika, having a spicy and aromatic aftertaste? How about complementing the green colour you have selected with the round and comforting flavour of broccoli or the more pungent flavour of mint? The concept is clear: select a shape, then a colour, and finish with taste. And if by any chance you want to amaze your guests even more with your green Sfera tasting like tomato, you can do it.

We like to think that BluRhapsody® dishes can contain all the beauty of nature: from its shapes, inspiring pasta shapes, to its colours and flavours. Ask for your customized pasta!

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