Some may seem to be small gestures, but when think about them, you realise how big they really are. They fill your life with emotions without too much fuss, day after day. Cooking is one of them. Those who do it with passion know exactly what we are talking about. How much love can there be in a simple pasta dish? Dreams, emotions, disappointments… nothing that cannot be said, celebrated, comforted. “Taste it, I made it for you”. Or: “Are you hungry? I’ll make you something”.
It is Mum, always Mum. Always knowing what happens to you. Involved and warming your heart with every gesture. Ready to make your favourite dish after inconsolable disappointments, to reward you for your good grades or to celebrate good news. Because she knows: cooking has always been one of the best ways to take care of your loved ones. What if you now were to prepare something special, really special, for her? Something leading her to say: wow, I have never seen this before. Because, let’s say it, even with her failsafe recipe, tagliatelle with meat sauce do not turn out exactly like hers, do they?
This is why we suggest an original way to say thank you Mum, let me amaze you with a meal you will never forget. We are confident that you will leave her speechless. A lunch made with 3D pasta and Mum, you will not need your glasses to eat it. Just close your eyes and enjoy the explosion of flavours. Open them and enjoy its beauty. This is how we have imagined this moment. No, you cannot buy it at the supermarket – this is why you did not know it, Mum.

Aperitivo Sfera ai 3 pesti

You can find BluRhapsody pasta exclusively in its official e-shop. If you purchase any pasta shape for Mother’s Day, you will also receive a very original gift for her: a 3D-printed rosebud.

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