“We mounted up, he first and I the second,
till I beheld through a round aperture
some of the beauteous things that Heaven doth bear.
Thence we came forth to rebehold the stars.”

This is how the ceremony of 2022 edition of the Michelin Guide Italy started. These are Dante’s lines describing his exit from Hell, where beauty becomes the sublime means that immediately rekindles hope. And Marco Do, Head of Communication at Michelin Italy, decided to use this magnificent metaphor to kick off the finally once again face-to-face event, comparing Dante’s stars to the stars of the new firmament of Italian restaurants.

Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides, also had words full of emotion: “We are here, together, to discover and celebrate the best of Italy: excellent commitment, top-quality cuisine, the best chefs and restaurants. The restaurant world has been significantly affected in the last two years and throughout this time you chefs and your teams had to constantly readjust to changes imposed by the restrictions we have experienced”. He also pinpointed that passion and dedication have been the way out for chefs to overcome any hurdles, stating that Italy has proven to have unique energy. However, the highlight of the ceremony was obviously the awaited and exciting award ceremony, which honoured the new temples of cuisine with an extraordinary result: 378 starred restaurants, including 35 new entries. 2022 Italian starred selection will therefore include:

  • One star: 329 restaurants (33 new entries)
  • Two stars: 38 restaurants (2 new entries)
  • Three stars: 11 restaurants

It is worth noting that half of the chefs who were awarded a star are under 35 years of age and great expectations are placed in them with regard to the future of Italian gastronomy. BluRhapsody would like to congratulate, as it does every year, all the chefs who have received their first well-deserved star and to renew its congratulations to chefs whose awards have been confirmed, with many of whom it has often had the pleasure of having exciting collaborations.

Discover all the new 2022 Michelin stars in the Guide’s official website.

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