BluRhapsody unveiled its e-shop at the Italian Culinary Cup

Rimini, Italy, 16th- 19thFebruary 2019 – BluRhapsody took part in the 4th edition of the event organized by FIC (Italian Chefs Federation) with its spectacular show-cooking sessions.

The fourth edition of the Italian Culinary Cup took place from 16thto 19thFebruary in Rimini, Italy: it is definitely the most complete culinary competition at a national level (involving all cooking categories), organized by the Italian Chefs Federation and recognized by the WordChefs international association. As in its previous editions, the event took place in the lovely capital town of the Italian region of Romagna, hosted in the Food Attraction section of Rimini Expo Center Italy. Over 1,500 chefs coming from all over the world competed with cold and hot cooking, pastry making and art cuisine. The competition did not simply aim at assessing chefs’ technical skills, but also and more importantly, at enhancing traditional products and 100% Italian ingredients. In such a framework, pasta could not but play the role of undisputed protagonist.


This is the reason why BluRhapsody®, representing extreme evolution and absolute excellence in pasta making with its 3D-printedshapes, decided to take part in this event and enchant the audience with some spectacular show-cooking sessions. And not only, as the company from Parma decided to take this opportunity to officially unveil its e-commerce website, launched online on the very opening day of the event. The new section of the website, open to both individuals and companies, allows purchasing online six of its most emblematic pasta shapes: Sfera, explosive and mysterious; the beautiful Kalpis, probably the most widely admired shape; the incredible and delicious Sea UrchinSalix, bestselling product that needs no introduction; the fairy shape of Snowflakeand the charming Vortipa, also perfect to be sautéed.

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