BluRhapsody celebrates the arrival of spring and pays tribute to Easter through its latest creation: Ovo, small egg-shaped 3D pasta, on exclusive sale in April.

 “Omne vivum ex ovo” (every living being comes from an egg).

The origins of this aphorism are quite unknown, but it seems it was a very common saying in the Middle Ages, used in turn in the Roman era. Eggs have always been celebrated in all cultures as a symbol of birth and fertility. As a matter of fact, the symbolic link between eggs and life enclosed within them dates back to ancient Egypt.


A metaphor of spring, therefore, the season of lightness and nature wakening up after the long torpidity of winter, and even more a symbol of Easter, where it takes on a more profound meaning in which human beings get in touch with the divine: it is no longer nature to be ready to be reborn and start a new cycle, but rather human beings, through the act of Resurrection. This symbolism has led to the tradition of exchanging Easter eggs: giving an egg, even though its original meaning has been lost, is a beautiful gesture as a wish of positive changes and luck.

Ovo by BluRhapsody

In honour of this wonderful millenary tradition, BluRhapsody presents its new 3D pasta shape: Ovo. A small cameo of its collection, on sale in limited edition and by reservation on its e-commerce website, only in April 2019. Ovo was designed to make Easter menus even more special and amazing: to be filled and then served upside down, its filling hidden and all to be discovered, as if it were a small surprise enclosed in its pasta shell. It is also perfect for events and anniversaries celebrating spring. Each tray contains 18 pieces, in different colours, which replicate the shades of real egg shells.

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