The traditional cuddly Easter bunny has become a source of inspiration for Bunny, a new 3D printed pasta shape designed by BluRhapsody. Produced in a limited edition, it is perfect to celebrate spring and to add a wow factor to your Easter menu.

Who doesn’t love the cute Easter bunny handing out coloured eggs to children? We have always seen it in many chocolate variations and it now comes in a brand new guise: BluRhapsody 3D technology allows you to have it even made of pasta. It is ideal as an appetizer, for a cocktail or as a first course… which, rest assured, will have everyone go crazy for it: children and adults alike. And those who have a sweet tooth will also find it in a delicious and sweet chocolate version, ready to be turned into a very original dessert. Here, then, are Bunny and Choco Bunny. As well as being beautiful, these two shapes are very easy to be filled and suit endless super-creative interpretations. They are both perfect to make your Easter menu extraordinary… but also to celebrate the arrival of spring, as they will add a tender touch of liveliness to your dishes.

Bunny BluRhapsody
Choco Bunny BluRhapsody

Any ideas? Try filling Bunny with a cream of ricotta cheese and radicchio (but any seasonal vegetables will do)… and, for an even fresher effect, don’t forget to decorate your dish with some edible flowers. The result will be delicious and widely appreciated. This shape is so beautiful and easy to handle that you can focus on plating and make your creation a small unforgettable masterpiece. Interpretations for Choco Bunny are of course sweet (as you will find sugar, as well as cocoa, in the dough!). Don’t miss the opportunity to try it filled with classic custard or, if you are in for an extra touch, with lime-flavoured custard. It will also amaze you when slow-cooked and used to garnish creamy desserts, such as tiramisu (you can find the recipe here). These two bunnies are offered by BluRhapsody in a limited edition, on sale only during spring.

You can buy Bunny and Choco Bunny exclusively on BluRhapsody official e-shop.

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