Huge thanks to the creativity and talent of Giorgio Rosato, who has chosen our Sea Urchin 3D pasta shape to participate in (and win!) the first National Photography Contest dedicated to the great master Massimo Bottura.

The National Photography Contest organized by Scuola di Cucina Accademia Italiana Chef has selected its winner: journalist (and graduate of the Academy) Giorgio Rosato, who presented a dish titled “Trilogia di ricci di mare” (Sea urchin trilogy), skilfully interpreting BluRhapsody 3D pasta shape Sea Urchin, which replicates a sea urchin in shape and colour. The contest did not only aim at creating a gourmet dish, but also at presenting it in such a way that it would be worthy to appear on the front page of a haute cuisine magazine: due to its name, to its plating, to the narrative chosen by the chef to describe it. The inspiring muse for the over 60 participants was the creativity of master Bottura, to whom the event was dedicated.

In spite of the extremely high level of participants, Rosato’s victory was well deserved. He indeed told the philosophy of his dish quoting Nobel Prize laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi: “Discovery consists of looking at the same thing as everyone else and thinking something different”. Following his author’s narrative, the dish includes three main elements. First of all innovation, embodied by the sea urchin-shaped 3D pasta, stuffed with fresh sea urchin pulp and laid on creamy turnip tops and anchovy dripping drops. Second, as an accompaniment, a symphony of exclusive aromas based on Homarus lobster bisque and other sea essences, contained in “glass lagoons” scattered on the plate. Eventually, ideally representing the third act of the trilogy, a “concealed sea urchin”, consisting of a quenelle of squid ink burrata cheese and crispy black spaghetti. “I have tried to express the right balance of content and container in the dish, so that neither component would prevail over the other”, said Rosato in his wonderful presentation.

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