BluRhapsody’s new creation is a pasta shell called Venus: inspired by classical art and mythology, it is a hymn to beauty in its most primordial essence.

It tells the myth of Venus, goddess of beauty and love, who was born from the foam of the sea and then gently carried to the island of Cyprus by Zephyrus’s delicate blowing, floating on a splendid sea shell. The goddess and the shell. The former embodies divine beauty, the latter a wonderful creation of nature. Together, they are an eternal source of inspiration for artists, poets and dreamers. Perhaps not everyone knows Hesiod or Politian’s verses, but it does not take an expert in art history to immediately leap to Sandro Botticelli and his Birth of Venus, a masterpiece among the highest expressions of Italian Renaissance art… definitely not a trivial matter.
With its new Venus pasta shape, BluRhapsody pays tribute to grace and art choosing the shell as its emblematic shape: an example of harmonious perfection, which is in turn a bearer of beauty. The result is a poetic shape, inspired by classical mythology, the world of art and the magic of nature and the sea, with its incredible shapes. And this is exactly what we mean when we say that 3D pasta creations can also give shape to abstract concepts, such as music or emotions. In this case we have chosen the ideal of beauty. Or, better said, the feeling of wonder we have before beauty.

Venus is on exclusive sale online on BluRhapsody’s official e-shop. It is spectacular in the dish and can be stuffed with both fish seasonings and vegetable creams. Accompany it with still or sparkling white wine for an ultra-chic appetizer.
Dedicated to those who have wonder inside them and see beauty even in the simplest things.

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