Wonder is the secret ingredient. Something we should never give up for any reason, least of all at Christmas. The amazement that makes you feel a child again and never stops enchanting. And every time you can feel this atmosphere inside you… it will definitely be a magical snowy Christmas.

It is right to you, dreamer spirit, that BluRhapsody has dedicated its Christmas Collection, so that you can create a marvellous fairy-tale setting on your festive table.

A collection including three new limited-edition 3D pasta shapes: funny Snowman, shaped like a snowman wearing a top hat; poetic Snowflake, replicating a precious snow crystal, and graceful Cometa, a small comet-shaped container. It will be fun to stuff them, decorate them and create your special dish, but above all it will be an amazing surprise for your guests, a gift among gifts.

Snowman is the most scenic shape of all. A snowman consisting of two pasta spheres with a hole on top, to be stuffed with a creamy filling and to be covered with an elegant coloured hat (all BluRhapsody colours are based on natural extracts). You can also have fun decorating your dish with Christmas trees made of Romanesco broccoli and lay it all on a bed of snow (mascarpone and gorgonzola cheese mousse or stracciatella cheese cream). Do not put any limits to creativity and enjoy the game.

Snowflake is the most poetic shape. Is there any more enchanting shape in nature than a snow crystal? Serve on a vegetable cream that creates a pleasant colour contrast or, if you feel like daring a little, try it as a dessert, letting pasta bake and decorating with a cream consisting of fresh cream, mascarpone cheese and black cherry jam.

Finally, decorative and Christmassy Cometa, with its yellow-coloured pasta to be stuffed with a simple filling, enhancing its outstanding shape.

All three are perfect both as a first course and as an appetizer and, in any case, they will definitely be the very protagonists. And it will be an unforgettable Christmas.


You can buy the three shapes on the website, on sale until 15th December at a very special price.

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