The only thing that will guide you in these wonderful recipes is your desire to charm. You do not need any great cooking skills, just simple though good ingredients, a few easy steps... and a little magic. But this is what we will give you, with our extraordinary BluRhapsody 3D printed pasta shapes. You will not be able to believe your eyes.

Winter always brings with it a little bit of magic. It is time for celebrations, set tables and lights. The atmosphere is enchanting and we spend more time together, dining with friends and spending time with our family. If you are one of those who are dying to add a little something every year to impress your guests, you have come to the right place. You will definitely leave everyone speechless with a special appetizer on your table, prepared with BluRhapsody 3D printed pasta, which is so beautiful that it alone creates pure wonder on the plate. And if it already looks amazing, it will be even more so when you taste it, because this pasta is truly extraordinary. It is for its sublime textures, for the feeling it leaves in your mouth when the flavour of creamy fillings explodes and mixes with that of fresh pasta. For its ability to pair with the most elegant ingredients as well as the simplest ones. It is a gourmet treat, ideal for an unusual appetizer or a fairy-tale starter.

How can you prepare it? It is extremely simple, just follow a few easy steps. Boil it in boiling salted water for two minutes, drain gently and place it upside down on a clean tea towel to drain off all cooking water. Then stuff it and serve. You can have fun reinterpreting recipes you already know or you can unleash your creativity. Just know that even a creamy vegetable soup will be enough to make everything perfect. Here are some examples. Can’t you help including scallops in your Christmas or New Year’s Eve dinner? Then try presenting them on Venus, our pasta shell. However, if you like to find the most elegant pairings, you will not be disappointed by Vortipa interpreted in an easy and tasty recipe, with pea cream, gorgonzola cheese and panettone crumble. And a delight for children (including adult children) is our fantastic Christmas Collection, with its incredible shapes. You will unleash your imagination with Christmas trees, snowflakes, comets… all, of course, made of top-quality fresh pasta.

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