Mumm RSRV Blanc de Noirs

Prestigious partnership for the launch of Mumm RSRV Blanc de Noirs 2012

An exclusive event to unveil to the press the launch of Mumm RSRV Blanc de Noirs 2012…

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2021 Michelin stars

2021 Michelin stars… the new “constellation” of Chefs has been unveiled

Twenty-six new Michelin stars were awarded to twenty-six new Italian restaurants during…

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Gastronomic September

Parma Gastronomic September: haute cuisine, music and solidarity

September in Parma, capital city of Italian Food Valley and 2020 and 2021 Italian Capital…

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Summit Metaland

Michela Petronio told us about BluRhapsody at Metaland summit

Metaland, a digital event dedicated to cuisine and innovation enthusiasts, was held from…

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Sea urchin trilogy

Front-page Sea Urchin

Huge thanks to the creativity and talent of Giorgio Rosato, who has chosen our Sea Urchin…

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Show cooking Blurhapsody

BluRhapsody show-cooking at Turin Gourmet Food Festival

22nd – 23rd November - BluRhapsody held two soirees of tastings, show-cooking and…

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Michelin stars

The night of Michelin stars

6th November 2019 – 33 new Michelin stars were awarded at the presentation of 2020…

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Best Chef Awards

2019 The Best Chef Awards: results of the third edition

Barcelona, 24th September: Swedish Björn Frantzén won the first prize of 2019 The Best…

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Aperiblu workshop

Introducing Aperiblu, BluRhapsody first cocktail-workshop

This event has come to life almost accidentally, as a thank you to the numerous fans who…

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BluRhapsody contest

BluRhapsody contest: the winner is “The Birth of Venus”

25th June 2019 – The winner of the first BluRhapsody contest is “The Birth of Venus” by…

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e-commerce edizione limitata

BluRhapsody started its e-commerce business

BluRhapsody 3D pasta collection is finally on sale as an absolutely exclusive limited…

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Italian Culinary Cup

BluRhapsody unveiled its e-shop at the Italian Culinary Cup

This is the reason why BluRhapsody, representing extreme evolution and absolute…

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Michelin grand gala

BluRhapsody at Michelin grand gala

Last Friday a shower of stars fell in Parma, including as many as 30 new appointments.

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Best Chef Awards 2018

And the winner is…

The atmosphere of the gala night held at Milan Teatro Vetra was captivating, the winner…

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Best Chef Awards 2018

BluRhapsody at 2018 The Best Chef Awards

On this occasion, the best chefs from all over the world, including the United States,…

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