If you are looking for both an original and super romantic idea for your Valentine’s Day dinner, keep reading. Imagine: soft lights, the right atmosphere, candles, the two of you, of course... and then Elvis. What does Elvis have to do with it? Follow us, you will find out.

Love me tender,
love me long,
take me to your heart.”

Elvis Presley

Love me tender

A love song from the past, timeless lyrics. Who wouldn’t like to hear such a love declaration, at least once in their life? This is why we have created our special limited-edition 3D pasta collection: to pay tribute to the immortal Elvis, to Valentine’s Day and to all romantic lovers. It is called “Love me tender” and includes two shapes that come in red, the colour of passion: one is a heart, designed to be stuffed with a creamy filling or fish tartare (or, why not, with an aphrodisiac ingredient for those who dare the most); the other one, which has a pleasant texture on the palate, is shaped like the word “love” and recalls neon signs of old cinema theatres… you will therefore get a movie-style love declaration, just as it should be.

It is ideal as an appetizer or as a cocktail… and some nice bubbles are certainly perfect with it. But you will be more than amazed if you serve it as a dessert.

We propose it in a salty version stuffed with shi drum tartare marinated in extra virgin olive oil and dill, on broccoli rabe cream and crispy courgette. Or, in a sweet version, with ricotta cheese filling flavoured with brown sugar and vanilla and decorated with caramelized pears, chocolate and mint leaves. So you will have it all.

Red colouring comes from natural and 100% vegetable extracts.

The “Love me tender” mix consists of 12 units (6 Cuore plus 6 Love) and is on exclusive sale on BluRhapsody online shop only until 14th February.

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