What can you say? Absolutely anything you want: you can say I love you, I hate you, I have won a Michelin star, I am a chess wizard, I love cats… And if you think it is impossible to make pasta cats, we are ready to prove you wrong with our latest creation. Any shapes that would be unthinkable with traditional pasta production and extrusion techniques are now extraordinarily possible with 3D technology developed by BluRhapsody. It is not just a matter of cutting-edge technology, of course. It includes analysis, planning, design and, most importantly, the alchemy of the dough that turns into anything you want. And while we are at it, we are not just talking about customization of shape, but also of colour or flavour, to achieve results having surprising sensory properties using extremely natural ingredients. For example: would you like finger food dessert that is completely out of the ordinary? We might think of berry-flavoured pasta baskets, ready to be stuffed with custard and chocolate chips.

Customized pasta shape

And this is exactly the point. Shape is just the first step in designing unconventional ways of using pasta: a cocktail, an appetizer, a sweet treat. It doesn’t matter. It is crucial to enhance beauty, unleash creativity, interpret, narrate… It is certainly not our intention to have our shapes replace spaghetti and rigatoni, which we love. What we want to do is celebrate extraordinariness. Turn a vital ingredient into something special. Amaze. But also play: can’t you stand clam shells on your plate? We have made them out of pasta, so you will not have to discard them. And it is not simply a matter of aesthetics, we use superior quality semolina for our dough so that pasta can hold its shape perfectly, even during cooking. It tastes like quality fresh pasta and its texture is specially designed to offer incredible sensory experiences.

You can buy BluRhapsody pasta exclusively from the official e-shop. For customized shapes, please contact us and our designers will be at your disposal.

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