Hydria with burrata cheese and cherry tomatoes on basil and pistachios-flavoured green breadcrumbs.

What aromas, colours and images could represent the core of flavours and aromas of Italian cuisine better than this dish?
Eye-catching pasta shape by BluRhapsody replicating an Etruscan amphora, Hydria is filled with stracciatella of Apulia burrata cheese and diced Campania tomatoes and served on crumbs of Tuscan bread flavoured with Liguria basil and chopped Sicilian pistachios: definitely an expression of Italian pride. Its full, intense, rounded flavour, pure satisfaction for the palate, follows the amazement of an unquestionably eye-catching presentation.
It should be enjoyed in a single bite, preferably keeping one’s eyes closed, so that flavours can expand and one may be captivated by sensations. The sweetness of stracciatella cheese is balanced by sapid pasta and its creaminess alternates with the crunchiness of pistachios and of lightly-toasted breadcrumbs flavoured with fresh basil, chopped raw and added before serving.
This dish is meant to be served at a standing buffet or a finger food cocktail. We suggest using a pastry bag to only fill the central opening of the amphora, leaving its handles free. Having the texture of fresh pasta, they will offer even more intense sensory experiences.
Extremely simple to be prepared, this dish has a remarkable effect… And not only visually.



For the filling, extract stracciatella from the burrata cheese and stir in a bowl using a spoon to make it creamier. After being left at room temperature, stracciatella cheese will quickly cool pasta, to be served just after plating.


For flavoured breadcrumbs: chop up a handful of pistachios and crumble the soft part of bread, lightly toasting both in a non-stick pan. Add chopped basil only at the end.


Cut tomatoes into very small dices and season with salt and very little oil.


It only takes 2.5 minutes in boiling salted water for Hydria to be cooked, a few pieces at a time, to be drained preferably using a skimmer and to be served immediately. Make sure you have drained all water from pasta before filling.

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