BluRhapsody® has officially introduced its collection of 3D finger food pasta: delicious shapes that have been specifically designed to make cocktail time exclusive. To do so, it has chosen Exit Pastificio Urbano, Milan temple of pasta, born from a concept by Michelin-starred chef Matias Perdomo.

A three-date event organised by BluRhapsody® to present and, above all, let the public taste its brand-new collection of 3D finger food pasta: extraordinary 3D-printed pasta shapes, perfect for a fulfilling one-bite tasting, to be stuffed and served with your favourite cocktail.


Three shapes are currently available: the romantic Cupid, in the shape of a heart; the stellar Sky (a star); and the very fine Cube (a square-shaped pasta cup). What is more, it is not to be underestimated that cocktail pasta can also turn into an extremely original gift idea, since it comes in an elegant box resembling a box of chocolates.


The event took place over three soirées, in which BluRhapsody® offered a gourmet cocktail at Exit Pastificio Urbano, with recipes designed and created by Exit Chef Arianna Consiglio. The first date, 15th September, was exclusively reserved for journalists and influencers, who could taste and photograph pasta creations, pairing these with cocktails appearing in the list prepared for the event. In addition, influencers and journalists received a 3D finger food pasta kit at home so that they could try it for themselves and, why not, amaze their guests with an absolutely out-of-the-ordinary cocktail. The event was repeated on 22nd and 29th September, when it was open to the public: anyone who went to Exit for a cocktail was offered a tray containing 12 small gourmet finger masterpieces for tasting.


These were the breath-taking recipes (two interpretations for each shape), which literally blew guests’ minds:

  • Cupid with marinated scapece courgettes and caprino cheese
  • Cupid with chickpeas and mussels
  • Cube with vitello tonnato
  • Cube with prawn and almond
  • Sky with aubergine parmigiana
  • Sky with Bra sausage, parmigiano cheese and hazelnuts


If you were not able to attend the event, you can try and replicate the recipes, as you will find them all on BluRhapsody® official website in the “signature recipes” section.


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