In the shape of a Christmas sapling, Christmas Tree is the new 3D pasta shape designed by BluRhapsody. It is part of 2020 limited edition collection dedicated to Christmas.

BluRhapsody 2020 Christmas collection is online. It includes a number of 3D pasta shapes that will give your Christmas menu an irresistible fairy-tale atmosphere in the blink of an eye: delicate comet stars, romantic snowflakes or Christmas Tree, this year’s newcomer, a cheerful and delicious Christmas sapling. Children will love it. But they will not be the only ones. It will be up to you whether to involve your whole family when preparing it, which will turn into a moment of joy and fun, or to amaze them and make their jaws drop. What is certain is that it will be very enjoyable to cook it, extremely satisfying to serve it but, most importantly, you will discover a new tasting experience. Christmas Tree is extremely easy to be prepared, also for those who do not have great manual skills in the kitchen and still want to amaze their guests. It was designed to be stuffed, decorated and eaten with your eyes… but it is when you taste it that you actually discover the sensorial experience it offers: from its fresh dough made with top quality grains to its special texture giving the palate unique sensations. It will be perfect as an appetizer or, if you are looking for something very special, we suggest you try it as a dessert.

A Christmas Tree made of pasta

Unleash your imagination and create your spectacular dish by playing, because you will, with the ingredients you love the most. However, if you prefer a few tips to play it safe, here are a salty and a sweet recipes, which are as beautiful and delicious as they are easy to be made. As an appetizer, try it with a cod and mascarpone cheese cream and a reduction of yellow cherry tomatoes. It is extremely easy and you can customize it as you prefer: indeed, as usual, we will not give you detailed recipes including exact quantities, but rather some tips, so that you can feel a bit like a chef and unleash your imagination in the kitchen. As a dessert, try it with citrus custard and strawberry sauce. You will find tips for these recipes on our website and other exciting ideas on BluRhapsody social media.

Christmas Tree is on exclusive sale on BluRhapsody e-shop. Book it now to have it delivered in time for your Christmas dinner or lunch.

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