Easter menu

Special traditional recipes for your Easter menu

Let us go back to our traditions to feel closer to each…

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Pasta with clams

Amazing pasta with clams

If you love pasta with clams, rest assured this is nothing…

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Sfera Blurhapsody

A special dinner

It will be an unforgettable evening, perfect in every…

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Elegant cuddle

Mid-winter cuddles

Pumpkin and ginger cream Kalpis with breadcrumbs with…

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Waiting for the snow…

Snowflake with purple cabbage cream and edamame beans. Who…

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Unforgettable dish

An unforgettable dish

Maybe it is for the refined amphora-shaped pasta, maybe it…

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Hydria Blurhapsody

From colours to flavours, an all Italian wonder

What aromas, colours and images could represent the core of…

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Atom with creamy potatoes

Enchanting yellow and purple seduction

We perfectly know that glance, a mixture of disbelief and…

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Seafront signed by Blurhapsody

“Seafront” signed by BluRhapsody

Pleasant and sparkling like a seafront promenade at sunset,…

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