Watching the show and listening to songs while tasting delicious recipes: this was Tuorlo Magazine’s proposal for Milan on the occasion of Sanremo Music Festival. BluRhapsody® has therefore come up with an original pasta shape recalling the very special letter O of Tuorlo’s logo.

For 2023 edition of Sanremo Music Festival, which took place from 7th to 11th February, Tuorlo Magazine, an innovative online magazine specializing in Food&Beverage, once again proposed its Tuorlo20137 format: five soirées of conviviality in which guests could watch the Festival while tasting experience dinners prepared by different chefs and experiencing a mixology proposal designed for the event. The perfect encounter of food and music, for the sake of fun and sharing. BluRhapsody® has participated as the very protagonist of first courses, with a 3D-printed pasta shape designed for the event and enhanced by tasty recipes prepared by chefs coming from renowned restaurants. The idea for the shape has come from the distinctive element of Tuorlo’s logo, its yellow O with a drop, which has inspired us to design this customised and exclusive shape. Our main takeaway from the event has been a delicious recipe by chef Tommaso Zoboli: Tuorlo with herb pesto, red prawn and yoghurt, which we are happy to share in our recipe book and which you can replicate using your favourite 3D pasta shape.

BluRhapsody®’s digital craftsmanship combines technology and creativity and therefore offers companies and individuals the opportunity to amaze their guests with exclusive pasta shapes that can be customised not only in design and size but also in terms of organoleptic properties, with colours, flavours and fragrances, all stemming from ingredients of natural origin.

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