A complete sensory experience in a single bite.

Chic without appearing conventional, finger food is perfect for successful standing dinners and to fully enjoy all the pleasure of dinners or cocktails in a new, relaxed and absolutely trendy way.

And of course, who does not feel enticed by the charm of tasting food taking it directly with their hands? After passing even starred chefs’ tests, finger food has increasingly become the modern and sophisticated choice for worldly events, receptions and glamour parties. To be tasted standing, it creates a moment of conviviality that downplays and makes informal even the most formal of situations.

In these cases, the almost obsessive care in preparing tastings is crucial: not only in selection of raw materials, which must be top quality, but also in the constantly elegant presentation, where absolutely nothing must be left to chance. A single bite must convey the search for balance of flavours and aesthetic perfection. In short, it is very close to an actual form of art.

BluRhapsody® a constant protagonist

With its spectacular shapes and perfect dimensions, specially balanced for a one-bite tasting, BluRhapsody®3D pasta is the queen of the finest finger food. By now events and receptions have been countless where it has been the protagonist, memorably interpreted by chefs all over the world, who have enhanced these shapes by turning them into pure pleasure, wonder and amazement for guests.

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