Sometimes a new 3D pasta shape is born by chance, stemming from an insight turning into an idea, from a sketch becoming a drawing and slowly taking shape. Indeed, BluRhapsody’s main strength is not only its possibility to offer endless customized colours, details and sizes for existing shapes, but also the incredible opportunity to give free rein to imagination… always thinking about the final dish. Everything one can imagine can become a pasta shape. Several starred chefs have already shown their interest in the amazing potential of BluRhapsody and have made interesting requests, often bearing in mind the expected final result.

This is how Mussel was born, a spectacular pasta shape stemming from a creative idea by American executive chef Matthew Voskuil of The Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas. His request was absolutely brilliant, as only simple things can be: in his mind, pasta has taken the shape of a mussel shell to present an incredible and surprising dish, a sort of authentic trompe l’oeil of gastronomy. A really interesting pasta shape allowing to create endless suggestions and surprises. Just imagine you find a beautiful and succulent mussel in your dish and you can also eat its shell. The shell is pasta. Black comes from squid ink mixed with semolina and besides colouring pasta, it gives it the unmistakable aroma of the sea. Identification is complete, amazement never ends. The dish has been remarkably successful, so much that Mussel has been added to BluRhapsody line of pasta shapes. And it is only the beginning.

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