Last Friday a shower of stars fell in Parma, including as many as 30 new appointments.

BluRhapsody at Michelin grand gala

16th November 2018 – A day full of stars in Parma.

Michelin grand gala

Last Friday a shower of stars fell in Parma, including as many as 30 new appointments. The presentation of 2019 Michelin Guide, the 64th edition of the book, was held in the magnificent refurbished industrial site of Paganini Auditorium designed by Renzo Piano. And it is not at all a coincidence that, for the third year in a row, this ceremony was hosted in this city of Emilia Romagna, in the heart of what is known as the Italian food valley. The room was crowded and the ceremony was streamed live on Michelin official channels throughout an entire day celebrating the best Italian restaurants.

Significant media attention was paid to the third star assigned to Uliassi Cucina di Mare restaurant of Senigallia, which turned Mauro Uliassi into one of the very best chefs of the country (in Italy there are only ten three-starred restaurants). However, the very encouraging news is that many young people appeared among starred chefs: half of new stars were assigned to chefs under the age of 35.

Michelin grand gala
Michelin grand gala

BluRhapsody tribute

Once again BluRhapsody was there and for this gala night we paid tribute to the event through a 3D pasta tasting created and customized specifically to praise the ceremony: pasta was shaped like a Michelin Star (that is a flower) and red, the colour of Michelin Guide cover celebrated last Friday, the one dedicated to hotels and restaurants (a green guide also exists).

Our BluRhapsody Flowers (or stars, if you prefer) were offered to the public with a filling of pheasant pate and raspberry coulis and served with a crunchy finishing of toasted hazelnut chips. This masterpiece was created by Chef Roberto Rossi, of Il Silene restaurant, starred chef and therefore an integral part of the show… who also became the celebrity endorsing BluRhapsody.

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